6th International Disaster Mitigation Specialty

Keynote - Colin Rennie, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa

Dr. Rennie is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE) and past Associate Editor of the Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface (AGU). He was previously Secretary of the Hydraulics Division and Chair of the Experimental Methods and Instrumentation Committee of the International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). Professor Rennie carries out research in the areas of river engineering, environmental hydraulics, sediment transport, turbulence, and aquatic habitat. His research focuses on channel morphodynamics and mixing processes, utilizing high resolution field measurements with acoustic instruments, laboratory physical models, and three-dimensional numerical modelling.  He pioneered the use of acoustic Doppler current profilers (aDcps) for measurement of bedload transport. He has published more than 70 articles in premier journals, including Nature.  In response to the catastrophic 2013 Alberta floods, Rennie has been working closely with the City of Calgary to develop and evaluate appropriate river interventions to reduce flood risk and improve fluvial habitat.

Keynote - Murat Saatcioglu, PhD, P.Eng.

Distinguished University Professor and University Research Chair, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa

Dr. Murat Saatcioglu is currently the Director of the Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Management Research Centre of the same university. He received his PhD from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA in 1981 and his MASc from the University of Toronto in 1974. His research interests include design, analysis and retrofit of structures subjected to extreme loads, including those caused by earthquakes and bomb blasts. He has conducted extensive experimental and analytical research on earthquake resistant concrete structures, including the development of seismic design and retrofit methodologies for reinforced concrete and masonry buildings.

Professor Saatcioglu is the recipient of numerous national and international research and teaching awards and medals, including the 2015 A.B. Sanderson Award of CSCE, the 2014 Whitman Wright Award of CSCE, the 2004 Wason Medal of ACI, the 2000 Raymond C. Reese Research Prize of ASCE, Casimir Gzowski Medal of CSCE in 2001 and 2004, and the 1989 Charles Whitney Medal of ACI. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers, a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute, a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, a Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a Member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. Dr. Saatcioglu is an active member of numerous technical committees of the American Concrete Institute and the Canadian Standards Association. He served as a member of the Canadian National Committee on Earthquake Engineering which prepares the seismic design provisions of the National Building Code of Canada between 1985 and 2015. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Co-Chairs: Alan Lloyd and Ioan Nistor

The Disaster Mitigation Specialty Conference focuses on assessing, analyzing, and mitigating the effects of natural and anthropogenic disasters on infrastructure and society. The conference will explore the impact of disasters including extreme weather events, blasts, fires, tsunamis, and other extreme events from the perspectives of risk assessment, forensic engineering, field measurements, numerical modeling, experimental programs, prevention and mitigation techniques and emergency planning. The conference will feature Special Sessions with a focus on floods and performance-based seismic design with keynote specialty presentations by Prof. Colin Rennie and Prof. Murat Saatcioglu, respectively.

  • Special Session on Floods: Keynote by Prof. Colin Rennie, University of Ottawa
  • Special Session on Performance-Based Seismic Design: Keynote by Prof. Murat Saatcioglu, University of Ottawa
  • Technical Session on Protective Design: Chaired by Abass Braimah, Carleton University
  • Technical Session on Climate Change: Chair TBD
  • Technical Session on Fire: Chair TBD
  • Technical Session on Disaster Management: Chair TBD

Conference Chair – Lloyd Waugh, P.Eng.
Telephone: 506-453-5050

Honorary Chair – John Bliss, P.Eng.

Technical ChairJeff Rankin, P.Eng.

CSCE National – Lois Arkwright

Partnerships – Carol MacQuarrie, P.Eng.


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