16th International Environmental Specialty

Edward McBean, Ph.D., P.Eng., FCAE, FCSCE, FEIC, D.WRE., FIAH

Leadership Chair Professor, Water Security, at University of Guelph

Ed received his BASc at UBC, and his SM, CE, and PhD., at M.I.T. He is currently a Professor of Water Resources Engineering and a University of Guelph Research Leadership Chair Professor, Water Security, at University of Guelph. Ed is also Executive Director of the Canadian Water Technology Exchange. The focus of his research relates to water security, risk assessment, vulnerability characterization and environmental engineering fate and transport. Ed has published three texts, edited 17, published more than 360 papers in the technical literature and presented more than 450 papers at technical meetings.

Co-Chairs: Kripa Singh and Catherine Mulligan

The conference will focus on the environmental and public health facet of civil engineering and its importance in improving the quality of life for people and providing reliable infrastructure for societal benefits. It will explore research and technological advances concerning innovative approaches, assessment and sustainable management/remediation of environmental impacts to water, air and soil and the unique challenges faced in addressing the effects of climate change on infrastructure.


Conference Chair – Lloyd Waugh, P.Eng.
Telephone: 506-453-5050

Honorary Chair – John Bliss, P.Eng.

Technical ChairJeff Rankin, P.Eng.

CSCE National – Lois Arkwright

Partnerships – Carol MacQuarrie, P.Eng.


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